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AFPU-Army Fim and Photographic Unit

LARRY BURROWS       LIFE April 16th 1965  - One Ride With Yankee Papa 13                    

Larry Burrows documents a mission flown by Yankee Papa 13, a H34 of the HMM163, USMC. The LZ is under heavy fire from Viet Cong in the tree line. L/Cpl James Farley, YP 13 crew chief, mans a M60 and then leaves the helicopter to check on the pilot of YP3. He is under heavy fire and finds the pilot to be dead. Two other members of YP3 crew are evacuated but co-pilot 1st Lt. James Magel dies on the flight back to Da Nang. Burrows captures the intensity characteristic of the Vietnam helicopter war. The intense fire fight and the rapid return to base. Farley is overcome with emotion at not being able to save his fellow crew man.


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